Do you think boredom is a valid excuse to break up?

More and more in my daily life, I've seen people break up out of sheer boredom. They're often long term relationships, and they quickly decide that breaking up is best. Much of this happens without even trying to do exciting things together. They just decide they're bored and don't discuss it until a break up is pretty much inevitable. It's not even a compatibility issue. Do you think this is a good reason and do you know someone who has done this?


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  • Often in long term relationships, outsiders don't know whats brewing. The boredom factor is a good reason to break up once all attempts to change that has faultered. Many times trying to sort things out doesn't work, it may work for a month or two but then ultimately the nature of the individual brings problems of boredom. So its a good reason given you tried, having someone stopping you from living and experiencing and having fun definitely is not something you should stick around with


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  • No it's a stupid reason. Yes, I've seen people do this.


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  • If the person isn't Happy... that person should end the relationship.

    I just hope said person did EVERYTHING possible with their partner to spice things up... or else that person will NEVER be happy with anyone. :-/


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