Ex girlfriend Situation... Need Help to figuring out whats going on?

Hi Guys,

Me and my ex girlfriend have now been broken up for 2 weeks,

Last week she initiated contact with me, saying how she feels the timing isn't right for us but she sees us together in the future.

Last night I was at a club and so was she, she came upto me and asked me how i was, and she told me she was ok, she thinks about me everyday and its really hard.

she also said that she knows she wants to be with me in the future, but just now she just wants time to be alone and be with her friends. She then kissed my cheek as she left.

Don't really know what to make of all this? any help would be great!


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  • Yes, tobias13, I read your 'EX' cutie loud and quite clear. She currently is putting you on her back burner so she can live her own life for now, be her own straw boss, be a free bird with her 'Friends' and not have to answer to You, her chief cook and bottle washer boyfriend, whom she knows if she stays with you, will Not permit her to do any of this... believe me, she knows you would do plenty of squawking.
    Live your own life, sweetie, don't wait around for her. She is putting you also on her list of other friends and who knows... she may even meet someone out there, being out and about, whon she can flap her wings more for... for the moment she doesn't want to be two birds of a feather who stick together.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, tobias13, for allowing me to lend a helping hand here, dear..:)) xxoo

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  • Been there before, sometimes females have random wants of being alone. I can't really explain it, like we can be completely happy with someone and one day want to be alone for a few days. But from your situation I would say she needs a break but still wants to continue the relationship when she feels its right in her mind.

  • It sounds like she still cares about you a lot, but she needs a break to be with herself, do what she wants, and experience things alone. If she really cares about you, she will come back. However, since you are also technically single, you also have the right to do what YOU want. Don't let her wishy-washy behavior dictate how you go about things in life. Have fun!

  • kinda sounds to me she wants to experience stuff with other people before she settles down and feels she met you too soon


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