Ex said he misses me?

Okay so while arguing with my ex he said 'of course I miss you... It's just better if we don't talk because you know all that will happen is a lot of what ifs.' At this point he had just entered into a rebound relationship yet claims he hadn't replaced me.

But even after I block him on everything he stills find a way to keep tabs on me & be in my life more recently through friends. Can someone explain?


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  • From the sounds of it he cares but obviously not enough to try to make it work again i think he could be just lazy and not ready to commit due to other things stressing him out but honestly i would move on there is no excuse of why he can't try and make things work with you again for some guys they would definitely put a lot of effort into making it work or at least considering the idea of being back with you but i feel like he's confused and has a lot of growing up to do because he is not ready for a wonderful girl like you he isn't if he's hooking up with random girls or having a rebound to me i think its bullcrap he can make time for a rebound or consider making things work with a rebound instead of someone who actually cares about him i would move on and let him grow up and prove to you that he's here to stay and not to play games just out of confusion or needing someone to me if he's playing games with rebounds then i can imagine how he makes you feel i would be sad if someone i loved went around playing games when all they had to do was be honest with you about how they feel even if they had a hook up or rebound at least explain why he choosed a rebound over a true relationship with you


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