How do I get him back? To even get his attention in that way?

How do you get a guy back that got away?

He ended things with me back in August. We didn't talk after that because I was heartbroken because he didn't believe me. So when September came around, I asked him if he wanted to go to a concert with me, and he did. We had a blast that night. It felt like nothing happened between us.

Then we stopped talking up until a week ago. He texted me asking me to join him for a party and he said that he wanted to see me. Soooo... I went. Once I saw him again, every little feeling that I had for him came fluttering in. We had a blast that night, after the party we were cuddling and he told me that I was beautiful and that he was happy that I came with him. And told me that he's so comfortable around me and that we will always be friends...

I haven't talked to him since, except both of us texting only saying have a good day or what not. But I haven't gotten over him. I even tried dating other people, and it doesn't help. I don't feel anything for them. I fell so hard for my ex that I just want him back.

He posted a status saying he is ready for a relationship... it killed me a little because I want to be that girl. I want him back.

How do I do that without being annoying?


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  • Do something naughty to him


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