How to break up with a really nice guy?

I am dating an amazing guy for 5 months who is loyal kind loving funny and sweet but is very needy... constantly asking if i love his hugs and kisses, do I like this or that.. when can we can married when can we have kids... etc etc.. its just too much for me and I just don't have that connection nor chemistry and head over heels love for him that we both deserve. His family is also Amazing I love his mom and she loves me... a lot. also his dad and the entire family is story book amazing.. but again, I don't have that passionate love for him and its killing me... The more I seem distant the more he becomes needy and asks me constantly. I will miss so many things and the wonderful family, but I can't let this go on any further as it is not fair to him. How can I nicely break his heart? :(


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  • Most nice guys aren't needy I promise, I don't know what his problem is but it sounds really strange. There is no way to "nicely" break up with him you just have to say it, he won't get the hint if you ignore him and that's not considered "nice" either.


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  • Let me ask you first if you can try to talk about this with him instead of breaking up without even trying. Let him know he's smothering you and you're not into that. Talk to him about how you feel and how he can stop that behaviour to "save" your relationship.

    If you've talked about it and it didn't work or you're 100% sure about breaking up with that lovely guy. Tell it to his face, not through text. There's no way to nicely break someone's heart, there are just ways that aren't mean and ways that are mean. Visit him or ask him to meet up somewhere and let him know that this behaviour is smothering you and you can't take it anymore so it ends here.

    • thank you.. im sick inside but I'm not sure he's right for me... he wants me with him at all times and if i don't answer texts right away he calls... its just too much... like a turn off. I will try and speak to him first about this smothering and if it continues I will have no choice. Thanks again

    • I do think you should try and talk to him first. If he's such a good guy, he deserves a second chance. Good luck.

    • yes, He really does.. I will speak with him about this first. thanks so much

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