My Ex boyfriend tried to contact me!?

My ex boyfriend tried to contact me last 3 days ago and I spoke to him and he say sorry to me for everything and he say he will keep in touch with me and then yesterday he didn't called me. :( Its really weird! I don't know if he wants to go back with me or he just want to have spare? :( Its really hard to move on. But I don't know what to do to moving on. Do you have any advice or tips for moving on? :( I feel like I'm so stupid to love someone that doesn't love me. :( When you love someone and you're so nice with them they still take advantage of you. :( I really love this guy and I tried to understand him in every aspect but still he's still cheating on me. :( Appreciate if you could give me some tips for moving on coz I really want to move on but I dont know how.. :(


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  • The most important thing is that you decided to move on. I'd advice you not to keep contact with him or it'll be harder to move on. Unfortunately there's nothing that can make your feelings suddenly disappear, only time will heal the wounds. Once it took me 4 years to forget a girl. Not keeping contact and giving time to time made me move on.


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  • If you want to move on you can't be in contact.


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