Men & women with a child or children: if you have a child/children w/ someone & y'all are separated or divorced & live in different states?

If the child/children live with you, but the other parent want him/her/them to visit him/her... who should pay for the ticket? Should you guys go half on the ticket or should the other parent pay for the ticket since the child/children already live with you?
  • We should go half on the ticket?
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  • The parent the child is VISITING should pay for the ticket?
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  • The parent the child LIVE WITH should pay for the ticket?
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  • Was there a custody order from a court? Check and see if this is stated there. (lawyers think of everything) If it's not, I think the parent who moved away from where the parents and children lived together should pay for the ticket, or if they never intended to form a family, were never married, and never cohabitated, and the pregnancy was accidental, they should split the travel cost.

    • I agree. There is no custody order. We are fighting each other for custody. He moved away & he want me to pay half for the tickets when my daughter visit. My daughter is only a year old & she don't need a ticket. The ticket is for him. He comes & get her, & when its time to bring her back he want me to pay for the ticket. I told him, he can just visit her here, but he says his family wants to see her too. He have more money than me. I think he does this because he wants to keep her.

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    • Married. We're still married, he just up & left me. I didn't take any legal action, he's the one doing everything. We just started talking to each other & we are trying to come to an agreement.

    • Then yeah, for now, he should cover the travel costs. If it's important to him, you might offer to help with it, but ultimately he should pay it.

      It may be hard, but it's good to be amicable about these things early on. Good luck.

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  • That's a lot of criteria to meet.

    Anyway, the wealthier one.


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