Why do people think they need valid reasons to break up with someone?

I think is a bit stupid. I mean the fact that you want to break up should be enough. So why do people feel the need to have a reason behind it?
@nert73 Wife? Nah, marriage doesn't interest me at all. So again whatever.


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  • It would be nice to tell the other person why. You don't HAVE to but it would be the right thing to do.
    would you want someone to just say "I'm done" and that's it?

    • If a girl wanted to break up with me it not going to matter to me what her reasons were.

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  • For one thing, it's nice to give the other person a reason instead of just disappearing like some asshole.

    For another, it's nice to know why you want to break up so you know you're doing the right thing breaking up! There must be something that made you decide to not want to be in the relationship any more!

    • I never said to just disappear I just think if a person doesn't want to give a reason he/she shouldn't have to.

    • Saying "It's over, bye." is practically the same thing as disappearing.

      You are under no obligation to give them a reason, but not doing so does kind of make you an asshole.

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  • i hope you never ever date anyone at all...

    are you being serious?
    what if you had a dog that was your best friend for 12 years and one day you woke up and he/she isn't there.
    wasn't sick the day before, not the type to run away... etc

    would you like that?

    • What you are talking about is completely different than what I am. If someone doesn't want to be in a relationship with another person then that's reason enough.

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    • then you tell the other person that you no longer have those kind of feelings.

      but the thing is you can't just disappear suddenly

    • I never said to just disappear. I said that I think people shouldn't need to give a reason for why they want to leave.

  • It would be rude to just go "hey. We're done. Bye." Without giving any reason or warning. That's just... blech.
    What @Red7336 said

    • thanks lol

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    • Don't whatever me! I'll whatever you! WHATVER, WHATEVER-ER! HA
      Yeah, so have fun finding a wife with that attitude. If you don't think someone should have a reason for letting you go, good luck finding someone trustworthy.

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  • You are correct; "No" does not require a strong set of reasons and not liking someone should not require a long set of proposals and failures. Sometimes you just don't like other people.

  • Most people don't have a reason, or even need one. If they're forced to come up with one, it's usually bullshit.
    If there was any reason or something that needed changing, they would have told their partner long before a break-up.

    Even married women normally can't find a reason when they divorce their husbands.

  • Because when a person gets dumped, they want to know WHY.

    What exactly caused the change of heart.

    • True some may want to know why, but that doesn't mean the other person should required to tell.

    • Obviously it's not required by law, but by social norms and being well mannered it is.

  • People need closure?

    • I've been "waiting" for 30 years for a reason from my wife who divorced me.
      She did say that one day she'd give me a reason.

    • doesn't make it right?

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