He had a girlfriend but he still lead me on! What was he thinking?

There is a guy who had been talking to me since we became friends. Right at the begging I told him not to flirt with me cause It was never going to happen. I think that pushed him even harder cause he was very persistent in his pursuit. He would compliment my pictures a lot, and at two different times he said "I love you" as a joke. I was loving his attention, but I knew I was never going to date him cause we are so different. But he still kept talking to me and flirting with me. Suddenly he stopped giving me the attention that I was getting, and then I started wanting him now, cause I'm messed up like that. Any way I started texting him now and calling him and then one day I told him that I liked him, but I said it like " I like you, and I don't like that I like you, I'm telling you so you help me get over it" First he though I was kidding but then when I convinced him he said okay, but nothing can happen, and I'm all like please, I don't want anything to happen. After that we started talking normally, and soon I realized that I needed to stop talking to him, cause I was falling in it deeper and deeper. We made 3 different attempts to stop talking and he broke them all by ingratiating the call or text. He worked night shifts so he would call me between his breaks from 12-4 in the morning.
One day I told him all his flaws and why I would never end up with him, and he justified each and everyone of them but then ended the conversation with "not trying to give you any ideas".

Then I found out about his girl friend who he had been dating since the day he suddenly stopped giving me attention.
He asked me not to tell his girlfriend that we had been talking at nights and stuff. I didn't but I stopped talking to him completely. Why did he continued talking to me after he found out that I liked him, if he was still dating? Why would he call me every night during his shift and not her?
He was physically involved with her, yet he talked to me? Why?


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  • "Twice the pie, Thrice the... Orgasm"


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  • he wanted u for so long it seems, and most probably he loves u. i think it is normal to want u especially his relationship with her is still fresh. i think if u give him more attention he will leave her for u


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