Am I sane or crazy?

So I was dating this female for a good 2 years and as time went on I realized she would lie to me, some small lies and some not so small lies. I guess I grew attached to her because she was my first and tried to make it work even after the lies. I found myself not being able to trust her and even though I kept being Mr nice guy, one day I just had to throw in the towel. It threw her off and she was heartbroken because things seemed fine. Does this make me cold hearted?


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  • Sounds sudden, so it probably seemed really harsh to her. Did you tell her why you did that?

    • Yes I did.

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    • It did. I feel stupid for not being articulate but I guess it's a learning experience.

    • Don't feel stupid. I feel stupid all the time for stupid reasons. And I'm glad I could help. Good luck :-)

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  • That does sound harsh, but it's for the best. She lied, and it's her fault. But you should have been a bit more nicer about it though. Sorry to hear about the break up. Hope you find a better person.


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