He just broke up with me yesterday.GUYS PLEASEEE HELP (GIRLS WELCOMED)

My boyfriend decided to randomly break up with me yesterday. Everything was going perfectly fine the last few days & then he tells me to call him & tells. me we need to take a break. He told me that its not my fault, he just needs sometime. to himself. We've been talking since the break up but its just been awkward conversations. I still have MASSIVE feelings for him & I don't want to give up on me & him yet. I want to pour my heart out to him but I don't want to seem "clingy" since him & I JUST BROKE UP ¬ only that he dumped me. He wants me to express my feelings to him on the phone but I just feel awkward talking on the phone & I also hate my voice lol. . . what should I do? should I pour my heart out to him or should I just keep my feelings to myself? :/ thanks.


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  • If things had been going "perfectly fine" then he would not have ended things. So they were "perfectly fine' for you. I learned a hard lesson in my divorce. If your the only one fighting to keep 2 people together it is a lost cause. I tried everything I possibly could. I have still been trying over the last 11 months. even though she cheated on me at least the last 2 years. We were together 25 years. I love her unconditionally.
    you need to put it all out there or you will have regrets. dont be afraid to be anything since it won't matter if your not together. But realize if he doesn't have feelings then nothing will come of it.
    good luck


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  • My ex broke up with me right out of the blue about 9 months ago, and its been 9 months since he and I have talked honestly. I am sorry that happened to you but you aren't alone I promise. I lost feelings for my ex with time though and I don't talk to him or anything. Maybe you two had the wrong timing or something or maybe he doesn't really know what he wants in a women or doesn't know what kind of relationship he wants. Hang in there though and you'll get through it, it could take days or weeks or months or up to a year. It probably isn't you, maybe he just isn't ready for a relationship who knows. I would just let him be and keep my feelings to myself, don't try to pour your heart out to him just try to be calm and say what you need to say. I don't like it when guys do that, just break up with someone right out of the blue.


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  • It seems that perhaps a day or two break for both of you to catch your breath and think about where you are would be a good thing.

    Hang in there... I am sorry this has happened. And no it probably isn't you. It just may be that you are not the right one for him... and those are two different things, even if they don't feel like it.


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  • offcourse tell him...
    u don't want to have regrets in future...
    do whatever your heart says you to do. you can't control how he would interpret your actions. he might think that you are clingy or he might find it attractive since you are trying to be together...
    if he has love for you, you will know
    if he isn't interested, you will know this as well...
    do whatever you think is necessary to avoid any regrets..
    i didn't tell my bf how i feel for him.. and now i regret


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