How to move on when you are still hurting from a past relationship?

I dated this girl back in 2013, we where together for 11 months. She was 22 i was 26, she was a virgin i was not. We both started off so great and for a while i felt as if i was truly loved, i have had many GF's before but with her i was truly happy and we never even had sex before "i know weird right?" Well after about 6 months and a no sex "even oral" i asked her about it and i explained to her i was becoming concerned about us not going further and becoming intimate. She really never gave me an point blank answer, so i waited for things to change and i stayed around for another 5 months before eventually leaving her. Now the weird part! she somehow talks me into seeing her friend that was flown down from Massachusetts to live with my ex, it was very hard trying to like this girl when i still had feeling for the ex, but i tried to see if i could perhaps make this situation work. Now this new girl was crazy about me but the feelings were just not mutual, her only friend was my ex so i never truly got to get away from her, nearly the entire time i was with the friend i thought of my ex. Few weeks into it my ex magically comes up with a BF, things just got way worse after that. last 4th of July me and the bf meet each other at a party, i "hated him!!" We almost got through the day until my ex dropped me and my GF off at my house, i heard him say something sarcastic to me and i lost it. I tried to forcefully remove him from her car to beat him into a pulp, needless to say he was quick to lock the doors and she drove off. I started to realize this was not going to workout. I was still in love with my ex and i became very angry after she started to share her bedside manner with me, considering we never had sex this infuriated me!! After it was all said and done i broke up with the new GF knowing it would never work. If i even think of this i get instant chest pains, i cannot find a way to make this hurt stop. It's impacting my ability to give other girls a chance.


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  • U still in the past now she have bf
    Move on but how? Some people will move by drink some by broke things some go to gym etc find it by urself what will make u really move on and start new realitionship with no regrets or thinking about her

    However I suggest u find new girl totally new girl no shared friends some how far from ur place start from 0 with her and leave the past alone or u will always think about her and while u wasting ur time by thinking she in his arm sorry for so move on


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  • I'll respond with more detail at another time, but I suggest you watch Coach Corey Wayne's videos for insight on what to do. I know you will find them very insightful.

  • first of all bro, dont be with a girl for sex, she'll tell you when she's ready you don't need to tell her anything, and to get over your ex, time will cure it, it might take time but it will

    • It was not about the sex, it was more about progressing the relationship. Being with somebody for nearly a year and having zero intimacy is not normal i know that much. I wanted to stay with her but it seemed as if she was never going to let things advance. I started to feel as if the relationship hit a rut and was going no where.

    • you have to be patient man thats what a relationship is all about, and when she's ready i promise you it will be the best thing

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