Why am I feeling down to myself?

I feel like that I am lacking something that my ex leave me for another and my crush reject me. I feel like I am just an ordinary girl that a boy don't want. Even to my family, I can feel they are not proud because I took financial mgt and not Accountancy, even if I was honor. I envy girls who don't worry because many people love them and they get what they want. I feel like a loser, always end up receiving less than I expect. I feel like giving up because I hate myself. I am just an ordinary girl


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  • First of all, if you ex left you for someone else, then he isn't worth your time. Second of all, don't settle for a boy. You want a man. You sound like a sweet girl who is looking for love, but you have to realize you can't just look for it. It will just happen. You are not ugly either, so I don't see you having a problem attracting someone physically. My best advice to you as a man is to keep working on yourself. Learn to love yourself first, and always remember self-respect will get you a man who will truly respect you as well. If you have any more questions, you can ask me. I am willing to listen.


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  • The biggest thing is you worrying to much. Relax, meditate a little, go get a massage. When you stop stressing and let things happen everything will be ok. Just gotta keep moving on. It is hard at time but when its the hardest is when its the most necessary to do so.

  • "I am just an ordinary girl.", you are. Welcome to Real Life.

    In a game survival there are no winners or losers. You will either stand behind your decisions or die in obscurity.


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