Betrayed by my childrens mother?

Trying to get over the fact i have a son thats not even one yet, plus 2 older kids. but there mother is more intrested in a vile friend who caused us nothing but grief ! (long story) plus dating sites. from the break up, one false allegation of domestic violence which i didn't do, unable to see the children now. she's even put pics on social media sites and dating sites, showing a brused eye which has nothing to do with the incident in question 1 to make people think i did it 2 to make me breach bail by asking what has happened. as she knows who i truelly am, a loving caring human being that always had the best intentions at heart in all aspects of life. this has greatly been taken from me. I now know she was on dating sites threw the pregnancy! who does that really? she even tried to get me remanded over xmas! i dont even know who i am anymore.. so basically i just can't even comprehend all this, its completely rocked my core mentally and socially. i sit and think, i was a father 3months ago now i am just a nobody to this woman, or her kids! why would any female do this to any male? let alone the father of her 3 children? i feel so helpless to do anything.. even if i do get to see them i feel like what will be next.. the allegations she has made and threats towards me, makes me feel almost petrified of what is going to be next.. i believe she has npd or something else.. in one breathe i am so worried for this girl she was my queen i worshipped this woman to no end for this! why is life so cruel.. i would have done anything for her or the kids. now i doubt was i ever a father at all.. people with no empathy are extremely dangerous! i worry greatly for the future. people almost glorify single mothers nowadays which is sad. almost the lastest trend! glorify the people who make a child but also a unit a life long love dedicated to you both and you're children. sadly this is something i can't achieve alone.. but i must try find light throughout this mess if i ever can..


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