What does my ex mean? Girls help?

After a year seperated from my ex I still love her. I wanted to work things out again because I miss her. I left her. So I decided to get her new number from her friend and call her up. When I did she sounded mad at first but after a while she was okay. She told me she was finally dating someone else. I told her I left my recent girlfriend. Then she told me "I guess timings bad... I like this guy but I can't love him like I loved you." Then she started crying and saying I always win. I tried asking her what she meant but she said she'll get back to me because her boyfriend was coming over. Does this mean I still have a chance or?


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  • It means you really hurt her.
    She tried to move on, this new guy prolly treats her better or at least better than you did towards the tail end of your relationship with her.
    How long has she been dating this guy? cos you just walking into her life again, it's sort of unfair for her to just leave the other guy if she has a pretty deep connection with him.

    Even if things didn't work out with that new guy or she decided to leave because she has unresolved feelings for you, it may take a while to build trust. Don't expect to jump into a relationship right away. A friendship needs to be built up again, on a strong foundation, eliminating all past karma or trust issues or whatever it may be.


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