I stopped talking to a guy recently, now he texted me birthday wishes almost 2 days late. Should I reply? If so, what?

I was talking to a guy for almost 4 months and then we stopped because he said his parents will never approve of me as his girlfriend (religion differences) and he didn't wanted to waste my time. He said I was his "soulmate" and that he really liked me and saw a potential of this going further. I was also falling for him. But then the parents issue came up and I was very upset and we just stopped talking as HE saw no point in continuing. I deleted him from every aspect of my life including Facebook as his constant presence was upsetting me. I never wanted to stop talking to him and he knew that but he did not once get in touch with me in the past month or even replied to my goodbye message. I thought he had moved on and that I will never hear from him again. Now he sent me a text wishing me "Happy Birthday (my name)!". And it is also almost 2 days late. I don't know what to reply?


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  • It's really bad to see that religious matters still interfere in relationships this way. Well, I think you can reply saying "thank you". Not more, not less.

    • I agree with @matheus_mb That's enough.

    • Thank you for your reply! It is extremely sad since we got along so well. I still have my doubts as to whether "religion" is the real reason. I was thinking of pointing out that my birthday was 2 days ago but I guess it may start a conversation and I may come across as rude. I will just stick to a simple THANK YOU.

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  • Maybe he forgot or he just wanted to be a douche


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  • Don't reply. You see, we told him to, and he did, but he missed the mark so we're not impressed and disapprove of him. His failure shall earn him your silence and disdain.


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