Why did my ex girlfriend contact me?

My ex girlfriend and i dated for about 3 years. 2 years ago she dumped me because she lost her feelings for me. We kept seeing each other for a while but then we went no contact.

A year ago i emailed her and apologized for the things i had done wrong in the relationship, i was still not over her. Note: none of us cheated or anything like that. She replied that there were no hard feelings and that she had met a new guy and didn't think we should have any contact. So i've respected that and haven't tried to contact her at all the past year.

Today she sent me an email saying she was looking through old text message and saw some old ones from me and thought they were "a little sweet and funny". She asked me how i was doing etc.

What does she want with this? I'm pretty sure she's still seeing that other guy. I'm not sure how interested i am anymore either, i still like her but i can without a problem live without her.

I did respond but I'm trying to keep it casual cause i don't know why she is contacting me.


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  • Frankly, it took you a long time to get over her... and you should not reopen that old tomb. She may just be bored and nostaligic or got in a fight with her boyfriend.


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