Im going to Skype my ex, Im a nervous wreck. Advice?

Okay so my ex and i recently broke up , i was living in germany and i had to leave home to Ireland. Our break up didn't go so smoothly, i think i hurt here by some things i said. this was all due to stress of leaving a place i lived for 2 years to return to my old life but also because i was leaving the girl who was with me that entire time. I was under stress wether long distance would work and i stupidly broke up with her.

Weve sort of been texting the last 2 weeks and sometimes she replies and sometimes she doesn't. Has she any interest?
Also i asked her to Skype and she said she would. I still love her with all my heart and i do want to try and make it work even though we're apart. How do i go about trying to get her back?


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  • will you get back to germany or you want a long distance relationship?

    I personally don't believe in LDR unless there is a clear plan to physically get back together (for example if you know you'll be back in germany, then I would try to save the relationship, if you aren't sure you'll be back, I would say let it go.

    if you feel you screwed up with the break up, write to her. apologize if you treated her badly and tell her exactly what you told us: that you couldn't properly manage the stressufll situation but that you truly love her. Tell her exactly where your stand - if you think you'll go back to Germany, if you aren't sure - and ask her where she stands. try to be open and gentle

    best of luck


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  • Wow! Skype me: wduarte. agenda I need to tell you very laudly to not do this

    • No offence but i dont feel comfortable skyping a stranger, but what sort of advice could you give me? :)

    • If you love her, tell it. If you just want to rise a white flag, so do it. Let she knows that you made a mistake. If you really love her, send flowers, messages, go to her door and wait and say how much you are feeling sorry, craw. But if you both don't match anymore, go away, find somebody else. The worst problem here is time. It's awful to wait for someone. Made up your mind: jump into her life again or never look back.

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