Ex has only just recently blocked me?

So me & my ex had our last falling out about 2-3 weeks ago. I blocked him on everything & have kept him blocked. The longest we have gone without talking or kept it that way. I have just seen today though that he has now fully blocked me on Twitter so that I can't see his tweets.

When last week he was tweeting things to make me jealous an get a reaction out of me. Has he blocked me because I still have him blocked? Is he now trying a different tactic to get to me? Why wait for 3 weeks?

He's also been trying to get to me through are mutual friends.


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  • Stop playing idiotic childish games and either get back with him or move on.

    • It's not me, it's him. He ended it with me. I would get back with him, but he hasn't put in the effort, he's told me he misses me but no action has been taken. So I've gone into NC to help get over it, yet he still finds ways of getting to me

    • @Asker then ignore him and move on. He sounds like a tool.

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  • Are we 12? If he's tryinng to make you jealous it shouldn't matter just let it go and move on..

    • What I'm trying to do. Hence why I blocked him & went into NC, yet he's using our friends to get to me.

    • So tell your freinds that your life is none of his business and he he needs to quit asking them, I'm sure it's annoying to them,...

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  • This kinda game makes you both look like children. Man, just ignore each other completely already.

    • I'm trying too. His best friends are now getting involved & my ex was using our mutual friends snspchat to send snapchats to me. Thinking I didn't know it was him.

      He also kept tweeting things to make me jealous. Clearly he hasn't moved on, even when he says he has. Just don't get why now for blocking me?

    • Oh, does it matter if he blocked you?

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  • Block!!
    Sounds like you are disturbing her so much and that would be the reason that she blocked you.
    You should meet her ince and have a great talk with him.


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