Divorce without grounds or create grounds for your spouse to divorce?

Is it morally better to divorce a spouse who has done nothing against your marriage, or to cheat on, abandon, abuse, or otherwise provide grounds for your spouse to divorce you? (most western jurisdictions no longer require fault grounds for a legal divorce. the question is moral in scope, and has nothing to do with law.)
  • the spouse who divorces without grounds is worse.
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  • the spouse who creates grounds for divorce is worse.
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  • they are equally bad.
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  • i don't know/it depends. (discuss below)
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  • I voted both, though not all legal no fault divorces are legally no fault. For example, I know several where a partner cheated, but they legally decided to file no fault (my own parents were one).

    • In many places, there is no advantage to one side for proving fault. In any event, if a divorce can be amicable, it is better than when it is adversarial. My state requires fault grounds, but they're pretty loose with the definitions.

    • Oops, I meant not all legal no fault/grounds are morally without fault.

    • Oh, right. That's why I asked it as a moral question. One may have fault grounds bun not plead them. I wasn't clear that I wouldn't consider divorcing without fault the same as divorcing without pleading the fault that had occurred, but I do agree with you.

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