How do you believe in loyal women when 6/7 you've given your all to prove you're disbelief?

See everytime I've got involved with a female who shown signs of a the girl I imagine as my wife. And I'm giving my all to them. My attention, my time, my trust, and a couple my love. I love to show off my girl. Get her nice things surprise her with flowers and a candle lit bath. They come with this flaw every time. The need to cheat with a guy with a record, violent, disrespectful, and with one goal in mind... sometimes I think I should become like that because the good guys get left behind...


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  • You give them too much, and they will take you for granted. Some women even get the idea in their heads that the guy loves them so much that nothing she can do, can make him stop loving her, so she abuses the love that is given. Never give a woman, more love and affection than she gives you. Make sure she earns her romance. You can't just be giving out unconditional love like that or you will keep getting hurt.

    I am sure there must be loyal women, but at this point in my life I am beginning to think that being loyal is a very rare trait. The moment they have the confidence to think they can get away with it, most people will abandon their morals, and act like a selfish animal. I suspect very few men or women will stay loyal, and the ones that do, rarely find each other. Despite what you have been told, relationship are based on power. If you have the power, your partner is forced to put in more effort not to risk destroying the relationship.

    • I needed to read that. You're so right I do give too much I tend to try and make the girl feel overly loved. Sometimes I feel like a weak man because i let them do it to me and I'll be tempted to go back and make it work but it doesn't because I'm not a thug nor disrespectful. I gotta change I know that too and this helped me understand how for the better so I thank you.

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  • I know exactly what you mean, but just see it from this point of view, who's loss is it? Because they're going for a guy that won't even last with them but to get what they really want. And you, you sound like a gentleman, who wouldn't want a serious and stable guy by their side. I think you're going for the wrong type of girls.

    • I I believe so as well but you see I've went for different types but it's the same ending result. I don't get into relationships often because my loyalty, trust , and kindness gets token for granted. I know they're loyal women out there just out of reach.

    • Do this, start studying females. Look how how stable they are, what they look for if the not stable themselves don't expect more from them.

    • Made grammar errors, hope you understand what I meant, sorry.

  • Makes me sad to hear this has happened to you, because I could never think of cheating on my bf ever. Maybe you're going for the wrong type of girl? I know myself and my friends, and we would never behave that way.


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  • You can still be a good guy.

    Just a very angry, cynical, sarcastic good guy.

    No one said you ever had to TOTALLY go to the dark side.


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