Do you vanish after a few dates without telling the other person it's over? why?

did it happen to you to meet someone, see them a few times and then vanish completely without telling them you won't see them anymore and without returning their calls? if yes, why did you do it? did something in their behavior put you off suddendly? maybe you met someone new?

and why didn't you let the other person know? at least sending a text? you wanted to keep them around just in case? you weren't sure about your decision? maybe you were lazy? or maybe you thought that if you didn't return their calls, they will figure it out by themselves?

just curious because I've never done that... at least I sent them a text...
hehe no answers, guess there are only good guys and girls on this site ;)


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  • That is just rude.

  • I did once leave a good girl without a word. That time when I knew I have a serious disease, I decided to leave her, no explanations, no goodbye, no message. I don't want to share this pain with her. Now I miss her.

    • I'm really sorry about the disese :(

      however don't you think it would have been better to tell her a white lie instead? she might think you were a jerk and you're not :(

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    • this must be really hard for you... hope you can find the strength to carry on. wish you best of luck

    • thank you

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