Need tips on getting over unrequited love?

Time did not work. Around a year. She had become just a memory. Ran into her a few weeks back and my life has been a living hell all over again.

She's one I can't seem to shake. The moment I saw her after a year my feelings for her came back instantly. I can't get her out of my head. Any tips to end this misery. The thing is I'm bound to run into her again and I just want to be free of these feelings. Free if her.


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  • The only answers are:

    Time and busyness... You are saying "... but time won't work." And you are right it by itself probably won't. But it coupled with something that takes your focus and you feel gives you value (meaning it is something besides sitting around playing video games etc) will blunt it. Try to do something where you can meet some other people, and maybe you will meet someone that just blows this girl out of the water.

    This is never easy... I won't bore you with the story, but I once lost my true love. And it took several years to come to terms with it. I am happy now and have moved on, but it was not easy. My case was a bit different than yours... but the since of loss was terrible and hard. For a time I became terrible and hard. I had to realize there was too much life and too much for me to do... that helped me move forward.


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