Was I in the wrong? Was I being selfish?

My bf and I are both off Monday and Tuesday. We usually hangout on those days. Last week we didn't hangout at all because I had work. So the following we I asked him to come look at this car with me he did. We hung out for 5 hours before he left me to hangout with his friends. He was also hanging out with them the next day.

I was mad. I didn't see him all week and now he's leaving me for his friends again. I asked him to stay with me he said "No, You said I could do whatever I wanted after we got done looking at the car" I said "But I have not seen you in a week, You see your friends all the time". So he leave me for his friends again. Im just like you see them all the time.

We got into a fight. He said "Not everything is about you or how it makes you feel" I said "You dont care about me". He said "Its your fault if you want to hangout say something" Im annoyed. I believe my bf is ok with not seeing me for weeks at a time. If I didn't ask him to hangout we would never hangout.


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  • He is hurt by your behavior.


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  • How long has he been hanging with his friend instead of you? 2 weeks? a month? 6 months?

    • a month

    • I wouldn't worry too much about it. It seems like he just needs guy time. Which is normal. If you want to hangout with him, make plans.

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