I need help with a bf, we're on break, he's very emotionally attached, has been crying and I've recommended he see a counsellor?

I work a lot during the week and his job, his hours are the opposite of mine. Now we are both working on days we normally have off.
I am wondering how I can deal with his dependency on me to reassure him I like him, yet I'm turned off by this behaviour. I like a guy who's more independent and can hold it together.
I am undecided but interested in seeing someone else. I've tried to tell him to calm down and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
he and I are different, I'm less emotional, I work and move on from drama quickly (relatively) and I value being independent and hard work.
he has been more emotional lately because we're on break, he sounded like he had been crying and he depends on me to tell him 'everything is ok' like that our relationship is amicable. I find it annoying sometimes. because he'll call me when I'm dead tired and I tell him I have reached my limit if I work 15 hour days for example. I care about him but do you think this relaitonship should work out or it's doomed to fail? for the next 2 weeks we won't see each other due to work, and I'm getting tired of his over emotional "I don't feel well" "I feel depressed" garbage. I am focused on work and school and have considered I may not be the type to be in a relationship right now.


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  • He is most likely thinking that you found someone better than him.


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