Is "I dont love you anymore" A good reason for a breakup explanation? after 3years of being together?

Just wondering what guys truly mean by that...


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  • Horrible excuse if you ask me. If I'm with you for three years I have to love you, it's that simple. He may have have found someone else he likes, or wants to be a single guy again. But that is something you have to be willing to give up down the road of you get in a relationship. How old is he? I'm a guy who is very dominant and I know what I want in life and I am foward about it. If he Dosent know what he wants and is in a 3yr relationship he is wasting your time. I just got dumped by my gf she dosen't know what she wants and that is a horrible excuse if you want to go back to an ex. It's honestly if he doesn't want to fight for the relationship and leave like that, you know where he stands in the end.

    • Omg thankyou
      Sorry about ur relationship
      And yes after 3years of us going throu rough patches he comes home from wrk an says i no longer love u anymore not have feelings for u anymore i ws devistated really deviststed just wanted a males point of view on what that means kos i thort i deserved a better answer then tht after 3years

    • Just do your own thing if it doesn't work, just don't bring in a rebound guy and break his heart to go back to your ex happened to me after almost a year of dating

    • Thanks for ur tips an advice
      Yeah im in the process of getting over him atm its not easy but once i do il enjoy life so much more!!!
      Thanks again

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  • That's a stupid reason to break up with somebody. My ex broke up with me because the relationship was to hard. And I was just like what's so hard about when you didn't even do anything? I would need a full out explanation not just some I don't love you anymore. And 3 years of being a relationship, and he decided to break up with you, that's ridculous. It obviously shows that he doesn't know what he wants, or what kind of relationship he wants or what kidn of ideal women he wants. He's wasting your time, I understand that's hard to overcome. My ex was the same he doesn't really know what he wants in a women, or what kind of relationship he wants. My thing is if you don't know who you want or what you want out of a relationship, then why get in one. That's a horrible excuse to break up with someone, and I am very sorry that that happened to you. You deserve a way better explanation then that. My ex and I cut it off about 9 months ago after he broke up with me out of the blue. The thing is he doesn't know what he wants so I just decided to let it be and move on. I couldn't be with someone like that who has been in a relationship for 3 years and all of sudden doesn't know what they want. I would let him be and just give him space, don't go back to him just cut off all contact with him and never talk to him again. He's probably afraid of commit or just isn't ready to be in a relationship.

  • in a way yes. if someone just says it flat out, then no.
    you'd need an explanation as to why that person feels that way. something must have happened in order for them to lose that feeling. personality clash, lack of communication, intimacy issues... another woman entering the picture, perhaps...


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