Are you cool with with BF/GF talking to his/her EX? Would you breakup if they won't stop talking to their ex when you dont want them to?

Question says it all... are you cool? does it concern you? are you willing to take the risk of being dumped for their ex or you would like to have a person with no past baggage?
  • Yes i am cool.
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  • No i am not cool
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  • Depends if they have feelings towards ex
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  • i will breakup if he/she won't stop talking to ex
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  • i won't breakup if he/she won't stop talking to ex
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Though I wouldn't be cool with it I wouldn't make them do anything, I don't have mind controlling powers to make them do anything nor do I own them.

    • What if he cheats on you with his ex?

    • Cheating with anyone is beyond my forgiveness
      I just would never trust him again
      Until I know for sure he cheated Id trust him but the second I found out Id be gone. I personally think that's the rudest thing a person can do in a relationship. How do they love you if they cheat on you? I just don't get it...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Being civil or hanging out once in a blue moon is fine (to catch up/coffee/etc), but anything more than that is an indication (to me) of wanting a deeper relationship and therefore something to talk about.


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What Girls Said 3

  • i would be upset. I don't really try to speak to my ex's unless they were really decent. But… I try not. It is a may be a sign that they are still attached to their ex. and they are not over them.. When they should be…. if they want to be in a new fresh relationship they need to cut them off completely.

  • it depends if their ex still has a thing for them. how long ago they broke up, the cicumstances of their break up.

  • I would break up its disrespectful there is nothing to talk about now if y'all are done. Now I don't mind a hey and keeping walking if she spoke first, if we together out in public if it ended on good terms bt I feel like like if he wouldn't want me talking to an ex he shouldn't either.


What Guys Said 1

  • If they're not over their ex, I'm done & moving on before I even walk out the door.


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