Did I do the right thing by letting her go?

I recently had been seeing a girl for around 2 months, it was a lot of fun but I never really got the chance to recover from the hurt of my previous relationship. In addition just with where I'm at being in the backend of my college career, and just wanting to both focus on friends and a little desire to have that young and single phase I feared getting into a relationship with her.

We did work really together but I told her I needed to slow down and she felt blindsided and by the end of the discussions I ended it, and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I just know that we really could have had something special but I don't think I'm mature enough to handle it right now, and she felt really hurt.

I'm just hoping I did the right thing, I feel she deserves better, but she was making me feel so guilty yesterday that I'm not sure, and feel like one day I might regret it, I already know I'll miss her but I felt it was the best way for her to let go of me and be able to move on before it got worse?


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  • As a girl I would hate to have a bf feeling like he wasn't ready for a relationship. Even though it's hard I think it was right to do it to be fair to both of you.


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  • You did the right thing, it's not fair to be with a girl who is just a rebound. Now you can always change that and make it a wonderful long lasting relationship. But if your doubting yourself then you did the right thing. It happened to me fell in love with a beautiful woman and eleven months down the road still had feelins for her ex and left me like that. Even when I was the best boyfriend she ever had and I raised the bar to a high level. Still went back, it's slefsih to do that when somone is giving you something your ex couldn't. So you did the right thing, but she will be hurting for a bit I promise you that. Good luck down the road, there's not a day when I wish my ex would return to me, just broke up three weeks ago. Any way happy holidays


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  • break ups are always hard particularly if there are strong feelings between the two people. I think you did the correct thing though. it would be more wrong to carry on a relationship you have reservations about

  • if you had doubt in your mind then it wasn't a bad call buddy.


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