Will she come back around and be my friend or possibly lover again? I miss her badly?

So about 2 1/2 months ago me and my girlfriend of 3 plus years broke. I saw this coming out of no where and still haven't gotten any reasons. I was shocked because a week before we were talking about marriage and children and all that good stuff. We were habing excellent sex and I could really feel the love and when she talked about our future I could tell she belived every single word of what she was saying. A few days later we had one little and she stopped talking. Then a week after that she calls me and gives fake reasons for the break up end says she is done (side note: she immediately enters a relationship with person she's only knew for a week before the breakup and I beilve it's a rebound). I made all the rookie dumb mistakes and begged and called and texted and she even had her mom message me saying I should stop texting her daughter. I honestly just wanted an explanation for why the girl who I just celebrated 3 years with just up and left me and was handling it fine. She started partying more and hanging with people who spend their Tuesday nights habing vodka Tuesday. So after a month and half she blocks me from everything. All aspects of her life. I don't understand how someone 2 months ago wanted children with me could now care less about me. My question is will she ever unblock me? Will she realize she made a mistake? Cause honestly I can't handle not having my bestfriend in my life and it hurts seeing her with another guy that I feel I pushed her to. What can I do and will she ever think her actions were wrong?
So she will eventually unblock me in your opinion?


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  • Omg that same thing basically happened to me i thought we were going to be together for the rest of our lives we even discussed what we would call our first child together and two days after he left and was working away he told me it was over he didn't love me anymore and didn't want to spk to me again. I did the same i sorta gave him shit everytime he asked how I was he wasn't dating anyone else but he totally broke my heart we are on talking terms now but its nothing like it was before I still tell him everything and even writing this it makes me upset. I know how you are feeling but what you need to do is remember that you now hold the ball in your court you have not done anything wrong and I think she will be back but in the mean time concentrate on you, go out with friends, gym date other women not to get one up on her just to enjoy the company and see that there is other options out there and sometimes we need a little heartache to fall onto our feet and find that special one.

    • So you do think she'll ebentuslly unblock me?

    • Yes I do and when she does you need to be seen as enjoying yourself like you have not just been moping around after her. And when she eventually comes round to wanting to talk tell her your busy make plans with friends and stuff

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  • she is an asshole. I don't think she will come back to you unless sheis broken and doesn't have anyone but u. I don't advise u to take her back anyway. She fall out of love with u, maybe she felt that she was having a routine boring life with u and now she met someone who is more interesting and parties more and stuff ( doesn't have to be the truth but this is what she thinks) I think she hasn't matured enough and doesn't want to have kids and that stuff. she wants to have fun nowadays

  • Sounds like she has issues. Maybe something deeper is going on with her.


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