Opinions on this text? *LONG description*?

We dated for a couple months but literally NEVER hung out because she was always "busy" i brought it up a couple times and she would always say "of course i want to hang out with you but im just really busy" and i was dumb enough to stay with her. Still found a way to fall in love with her because of extremely small things (damnit.)
Long story short she broke up with me a week and a half after she literally cried over me potentially having to switch schools saying "it isn't there for me any more" and "theres nothing you did and nothing you could do". Of course since everything happened so quickly i made myself look like an idiot trying to get her back for a while. When I finally gave up I sent her this text about a month ago. It's long but it was supposed to be because it's the last I ever plan on sending her.

"Just remember that no matter how much I got on your nerves, whatever, i care about you more than any other guy ever will and all you wouldve had to do to be happy with me or for it to be there for you is to spend time with me but u couldnt do that because you dont like the idea of putting in effort for someone else. Call me desperate crazy, idc because I love you and I don't know why but I do know that I couldve made you happy given an actual chance. Just remember that if you ever think it was a mistake leaving and never looking back or not really trying in the first place, it was. No one will love you like I did, put up with yur shit like I did or fucking be me because in a world where no one stays i stayed 4 months longer than I should have and even as I say this if you ever decide to text me because you somehow miss me Ill probably be dumb enough to text back."

no, she didn't respond but I know she read it by how her best friend stared in my soul the next couple days at school. we haven't talked to each other and only make eye contact every now and then and her staring at me here and there. My question is did it kill any chance of her coming back?


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  • First off, it was a few months of your life, not years so it's not as tragic as you're portraying it to be and basically she wasn't that interested. She made excuses and wasn't dedicated to the relationship. Accept that, move on and don't send messages that are desperate and rude.


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