How Do I get her to want to be with me?

I'm a junior and high school. three weeks ago I started hooking up exclusively with a freshmen. This started quite quickly, However she seemed into it because we hooked up a couple times before that. I took her on a date and it went well because she said she really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. after the date she went of vacation for a week. Me and her texted everyday, while hitting each other up pretty quickly. However, two days after she came back, she said she just wanted to be friends cause she didn't want to be "with" anyone at the moment. There are rumors that her friends say I flirt with to many girls, but don't know if thats the reason. She started snap chatting me, but I don't respond. My friends say if I want her back, I should show no attention to her for a month, the ask her on a date. Im scared she will forget about me and move on. What should I do to get her to want to be with me? Please help, I like her.
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  • Neither will work if she doesn't want to be with you. You can try push and pull. If she's interested, it might work.


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  • First of all, you are 18 to 24 and a junior in high school? That sure checks out, yup, mmhmm.

    Second, don't play games. That just makes things confusing as hell. Your friends probably have good intentions, but ignoring her will just confuse her.

    I recommend keeping in touch with her. She said no, but the reason she gave was a temporary no. Just make sure you aren't acting like a player flirting with tons of girls, and wait. Maybe ask her again in two or three months.


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