Can a guy really love you, if he dumped you, because his father told him to get rid of you and didn't like you because of your skin and hair colour?

My ex broke up with me, because his dad constantly told him to get rid of me for a year and a half. He kept saying hurtful things and I don't know if he did it because he wanted me to hate him, so it would make it easier. His dad is a Turkish Cypriot and his mother is white, but his father is very controlling and only wants him with s Turkish girl. So he kept telling him, that he was too good for me and basically told him that I'm a slag. When I'm actually, the total opposite. He was basically stereotyping me because I'm white and natural blonde.
But why would you dump someone and try and contact me for 4 months after it? I ignored him, until just recently and I got very irritated, when I responded and asked why he was contacting me and he said he didn't know and said that we will find other people. So confused!!!


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  • He's putting his view of his father of him above your relationship. To be fair, this isn't a very fair situation for him. Some people will not care about their father's view on them if they are really behave the way his father did, others will still cave, because it's still their father and they only have one of those.

    In truth, yes he can still love you, but this situation is far more complicated than whether he loves you or not.


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