Men, is it a good idea?

I'm seeing my ex in a few days, and I want to make him regret breaking up with me. He told me before that a turn on for him is short dresses... is it a good idea to wear one? I know he still thinks I'm hot


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  • are you looking to get back together or are you just looking for sexy time?

    • I still kinda like him, but i just want him to want me. I wasn't looking to hook up or anything

    • just want the attention, i can dig that.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Why don't people ever think of when it fails?

    You gussy up, get your sexy on, go, and he... doesn't react. Boom.

    • But what if it works lol

    • You need to think negatively. It will get you further. If it works, you win, wonderful, and that's all great. If it fails you will be crushed TWICE OVER. Is it worth the risk? Sensible people would say no. Vengeful people with no foresight will say yes.

      Because he's the thing, if it works, it's temporary. Extremely so. It could be so temporary that it's not long enough to be satisfying. Every single one of these attempts has this in common: What if it fails? No answer. Who gives a shit. Gonna try.

      Comes back two days later a total wreck.

  • This confuses me. How will this benefit you?

    • Satisfaction of him regretting his decision

    • It's really best to just drop him and move on, even seeing him again in a few days is iffy. You should really just ignore him. Trying to get him to react like that is petty and spiteful and it's not really going to benefit anybody.

  • If its About sexy there's many sexy girls but u need something special to make him feel regret

    I dont think he will feel regret bcoz of short dress

    for me if my ex wear short dress to impress me I will lough or think she's so broken kinda hardluck baby

    I dont think its good idea and if he didn't
    look at u u will feel worst

    Move on or it's up to u


What Girls Said 1

  • He's an ex for a reason, and this isn't benefiting to you at all.


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