How do you get over someone you viewed as a soulmate?

Let's just say we had very good chemistry and had some romantic history, but eventually never got into a relationship because we know it's all going to be long distance.


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  • If you believe in things like soulmates then perhaps it's not such a stretch for you to develop unconditional love. No need to get over someone in that state of being.

    • ah i don't know, i think i'm just very confused. it's just easy to think that if we're soulmates we're supposed to end up together but we didn't. not sure if i could get over him and meet someone new if i keep staying in this state :(

    • Perhaps you could expand yourself and see the possibility that there might be more than one soulmate out there for you. Life doesn't have to be such a hit and miss.

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  • Wow those hurt, its kinda like a breakup, but worser, I went through this its been 4 months and i still haven't forgotten about him, well u should think about making urself better looking, which then tells u there's so many guys in the world so u'll find a soulmate one day, just don't rush into it, Try to delete or get rid of pictures or memories u have of him, becuz they'll just hurt u again once u've forgotten about him. Best thing is give it time, time can heal the deepest wounds

    • haha, already did since i broke up with my last serious bf more than 3 years ago. and guess what, being pretty doesn't bring you the right guys - it shows you how guys only care about your face and body but nothing else.

      this new guy is just different. we didn't have a lot of pics together. when i say i regard him as soulmate, i meant we really do click. and i don't know what to do, he did buy me a teddy bear before he left to his home country. i'm over the state where i was crying everyday, but i still do miss him now and then. still not sure whether to dispose the teddy :/

    • Awww and yeah ur right, guess i just think differently i totally agree with u, I feel really sad for u, just try to forget him, think of it as a joke and then its easier to forget

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