How do you deal with a man who is suddenly very clingy, needyand controlling after 3 months of perfect chemistry and you've changed absolutely nothin?

and I am A single mom raising three kids with straight A's and I own three businesses so I am busy but been that way from the start. and he doesn't work. Don't know if at needs to be told or not haha

then again I'm not willing to waste my time & Especially my children's time on something that may get worse and worse
which is why I have still not introduced my children to him or been intimate because those are two things that people rush into too fast these days in my opinion
  • break up now, give it a certain time frame, I do something totally different.
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  • other than that whole sexy is I'm not looking for a daddy, money, help with financial or parenting in any way
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  • I'm a hundred pounds 30 year old I love the general contractors company
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  • Just break up with him. He brings his true colours out once he thinks he's got you "hooked".. show him just how little you're hooked and dump his ass


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What Guys Said 1

  • First, why did you even make a poll?

    Second, just do away with him. It's not difficult. This "perfect chemistry" crap is just that.


What Girls Said 2

  • You know the old saying..."A Leopard Never Changes His Spots"... Move on quickly and don't look back.

    Wish you Good Luck. :)

  • Time to say bye bye I think!


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