Helpe figure out my ex gfs behavior please!!!'?

My ex broke up with me about 6 weeks ago. I slept with another girl when we first started talking and she felt I never tried to earn her trust back. I did all the typical things guys do for about 2 weeks. Calls, texts, flowers etc. but now I'm giving her space and time. She started dating a guy immediately and even told me it was to hurt me and be vindictive. She knows I don't like the guy. The last 3 weeks I haven't heard from her. But she is still lookin me up on Instagram and liking my pics. I'm her Twitter she makes it seem like everything is perfect now. Then why keep looking me up, we aren't friends on there. So any advice or suggestions?


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  • She is rebounding and wants you to think everything is rosy but even though she split up with you she is still hurt and upset by the split also but she wants to seem like she is happy. She obv misses you and wants to make sure you are ok and not falling apart

    • Thank you. Any suggestions on what I should do? I don't want to push her away any more, so I've left her alone and let her make contact with me. I know my actions caused this, so I'm giving her space and letting her deal with it. She has heard I've been goin out and got mad about, even drive by my house. I don't want to date anyone else right now cause I feel that will be me avoiding the situation I'm in.

    • Yeah dating anyone else may make it. worse i dont use any fb, Twitter, whats app, kik anything like that so when me and my bf broke up the only way he could find out what I was upto or how I. was doing was to call me and that proved he still cared about me. I would not put my life on hold and not enjoy myself you must do this or you will become extremely unhappy and no fun to be around. Best bet is too just live your life normally and keep of the radar no Internet posts or fb pics and she will eventually take the plunge to try talk to you

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  • She's playing games. If you block her shit it will drive her crazy and you won't have to deal with it, twofer

  • Why do you care she is your EX?


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