So I saw the ex pregnant and felt oddly unemotional about it?

I knew she was dating this guy but they weren't like married yet but it appears she is very pregnant. both her sisters have kids already so not a surprise she's next.

felt oddly unemotional about the whole thing , I guess I lost interest in her after her odd behaviour and her rejection of formally dating me a couple years ago , then the bar she worked at closed so I no longer really saw much of her around town.. its not that I don't care about her but really didn't seem to care that she was pregnant with another guys kid.

is this a normal reaction to such an encounter? she also didn't talk to me much if at all , she was working as a server at place I don't go to much so I wasn't expecting to see her there


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  • Yes because she is your EX


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  • It means you're over her and she has no part in your life.

    • true but there was still a period in time where she was around a lot , she's still good looking but that's about all I find appealing in her these days. her personality is very off and she was an alcoholic/party girl for a few years and she tries to come off as a nice girl but always treated me very rudely for some reason. she also has no real career and at 25 only job she has is a server that I know of. so I saw no real future with her anyways and got feeling she didn't really want me around anyways

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    • well yeah when I first meet her she was 19 and just starting to hit the bars , very good looking and popular. now she is at a much different stage of life and done with partying I guess. things have changed a lot

    • Yeah. Happens, to some sooner than others, to some not through choice (IE getting pregnant).

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