Need advice to get over a crush who rejects or just be-friends me?

So I really liked this girl but I can see she has no interest in me but is still rather friendly to me. I can totally see it.

Thing is I spent so much time to get her to like me because I like everything about her. And yes it really hurts.

I'm on the verge on getting over her but she works near me around the same time as me and I'm not close to any of my friends or parents to talk about this. It really bugs me whenever I see her, puts me in a foul mood.


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  • Okay hi I'm sorry it didn't work out. For me I will try to involve myself in something where I'm observing guys or around guys which have all the qualities I'm looking for (even if I'm making it up in my head) for example I ll watch hot kpop boy bands which make me think 'hell I will not rest till I find a man with such perfection' though its shallow I have fun and instantly forget all the guys I like/liked because they never made me feel as good as my platonic relationships with my idols across the screen. Sorry if this was weird but I hope u get the gist haha


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