Now unblocking me on watts app?

Ok we broke up 3 months ago he had new G/F from 1st wk dumped her twice within a month tried to speak to me I was having none of it ( he hurt me bad emotionally ) goes back to her in a relationship on social media that wkend slapped pics all over both of them to rub it in my face.. He uses excuses to email me now still last time 10 days ago when i found out he lied to his g/f about the emails sayin it was me contactin him. i put her straight.. well now he has unblocked me last night on watts app which he dont really use and changed his pic to another one of him n her. He ain't contacted me. So why the hell has he unblocked me now? I have him blocked on everything else..


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  • It's clear he unblocked u to see his pic with her

    It show he's very angry did u cheat him?

    • No i was very very loyal.. he met her off Twitter with in a week of our break up tried to hide it from me dumped her and tried to apologise to me then went back to her then seen me on some pics that weekend he was with her.. me on a night out dumped her and told me how beautiful i was and how sorry he was he hurt me too much there was a pic of me and a guy and he assumed he was my new bf he isn't so he ran back to this girl and ever since they stalk me on social media on fake accounts and he seems to try and make me gel which doesn't work no more i do still love him but its too far now.. just wanting to know why he keeps using excuses to contact me and keeps unblocking me and lying to her about it? .

    • She on the other hand is worse she has an obsession with me right down to tryin to look like me with my hair etc.. she is my oppisite very boyish goofy and spotty.. not a nice respectable girl at all.. Tries her hardest to get me to find out things for what reason i do not know I dont bother them at all

    • She tryin to look like u bcoz I think he still mention how he like u so she want to take ur place to win his heart

      Now if he think u cheated him with that guy no way his angry and thats y he want u see his pics

      I think u should move on and dont think too much about them and ignore will work well


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  • It appears, louisa21, that without it being etched in stone and written all over the wall and all, he is Still------Rubbing it in your face. It's just another Way to Play head and heart games with him and his other half. This his Motive in mind to make you still pay Because------We broke up 3 months ago And------Within a month tried to speak to me I was having none of it...
    It also seems this was one hot tamale tale of a nasty split, sweetie. Between Dumping and dibbling with both You and her during this not so fine time, he has been this busy beaver who may deep down still give A----Damn about you.
    Stay clear of him, Continue on contact. Keep him blocked, keep him at arm's length out of harm's way...
    Good luck. xx


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  • Does it really matter? Why waste your time with what he does now.


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  • Because he wants to see you with his new gf to rub it in your face.

    • I've seen them on numorous occasions on Twitter etc postin how much in love they are well more so her , he has a pattern when he angry with me he will tweet to her all lovey dovey then al will go quiet.. why unblock me and change his pic from one of them to a diff one when he obv dont use his watts app.. if he is happy as he says and makes out he is why keep bothering me and tryin to hurt me.. I never initiate contact nor do i try and break them up.. he only sees her on weekends when she palms her 3 children off with her mum every wkend

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