6 months later? What does this mean?

*sorry in advance this is quite lengthy.*
So 6 months ago I dated this one guy who was a couple years older than me for about 4 months, we didn't have any problems as in like "oh I'm using you or I'm still in love w my ex but im dating you" nothing like that we genuinely had feelings for each other. Then a month before the breakup out of nowhere started to ignore me and later ended it and claiming that he was sorry and that he was too busy and overwhelmed with life to date through text. Yeah he basically broke up with me through text.. i mean i understand his reason bc life is pretty stressful and he was about to start college but I really feel like that wasn't the real reason because when he would ignore me he would go on Twitter and tweet and stuff, saying he bored and blah blah and talk to my friends but not me? After that i had no contact with him at all whatsoever, I deleted him off of all social medias and deleted his number and I did not drunk call/text. Nor did i see him in person anymore because he didn't go to my school anymore because he graduated, so it was easy to avoid him. Sounds a bit harsh but I had to move on. Of course I was pretty sad for a while but life goes on. And then yesterday he texted me out of nowhere and started to apologize again and basically said the same thing : "the I'm so sorry, life is overwhelming. I didn't have time to date ya know" story but also said "this isn't me trying to get back with you" but all I'm wondering now is why did he text me again after a half a year later just to say the same thing? Is his apology genuine? I'm just very confused. Could someone please interpret what he is trying to do/say? thank you.


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  • Happened the same thing to me but I think he just wanted to talk to you maybe want to get your feelings stirred up, the guy I was with did the same would ignore me and say he "fell asleep" total lie but guys are confusing just try your best to ignore it, wouldn't recommend getting back with him.. college tends to be stressful, so I hear


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