Should I apologize someone please help?

My ex and I have been trying to work things out.. and like all couples we have our moments where we have small arguments and 10 min later we are kissing. However, last night I got off late from work and I saw an accident and even a dead body that was covered so I texted him (he always txts me or if I text he responds) but 2 hrs passed and nothing... i know he doesn't go to sleep early as much as it is possible he mightve because he worked early in the morning and sleeps late at night. However, I got frustrated that I saw that and he didn't even text a response (cldve been asleep too) but since he didn't respond i said "booo you suck.. you must be out" and all today I haven't got a response. . i know that wasn't the best but it frustrates me that he might be out with his roommates and my assumptions get the best of me. Should I apologize? I mean i freakin saw a dead body


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  • I don't think you necessarily need to apologize. Maybe just text him and say you miss him and were just thinking about him.

    • Dang it lol I just sent him. a text.. why do you think I should have not?

    • No, there's nothing wrong with apologizing. I was just saying it wasn't necessarily required, but I think you're fine either way. Good luck and happy holidays.

    • You were right when I apologized he said he wasn't really mad and I should know if he was because he would let me know he just got busy with some things which I still got upset because out of the whole day he cldnt text me something instead he had me thinking he was mad.. he did say he was sorry for making me think that he was mad

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  • yes apologize...

    however it is ok to explain why you were upset and inquire where he was and tell him that you needed him.

    • Yeah that's exactly how i felt like he wasn't there for me.. like him and I have been getting closer and I know I make assumptions but his roomates have tried to separate us before so the fact that it was a Friday night to me he wldnt be asleep at midnight so it just frustrates me that he mightve been out.. once again my assumptions

  • YES. You made your assumptions his problem. That's not fair to him at all.

    • Ugh I feel bad. . it's just his roomates have made him think im. going to hurt him so I know they have tried to find him a girl so when he's at bars with his friends it makes me wonder what they could really be doing and it got. me mad that's why I said what I said.. i dnt want to assume but I also wld think he wld respond no matter what.. i was just shocked with what I saw and felt he wasn't there when I needed him.. I've done so much for him..

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    • Why?

    • You keep trying to explain it to me over and over again with slightly different wording, like I don't understand. I am never going to agree that you speaking to your boyfriend in the way you have was justified.

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