Ways to get over him?

I have been in love with this guy for the last 4 years. He started telling me he loved me about 2 years in and will rarely say it anymore and drives me insane. I have been in constant emotional hell and its all to long to go over but involves other women that he dated even when I was/am still madly in love with him. The way he is when were together made the others not matter to me but deep down when I am away from him I hurt. He is such a smooth talker and I feel like I am so in love with him that I know the truth of things in the back of my head but I try to block it out and make it sound better than it really is. We have a daughter that is almost 3, gave me his 2009 car. If he was a loyal guy he would be amazing. It just really sucks, So hard to walk away from something you want but I can't take the lies anymore. Seeing his mom post family pictures with another girl in them and then to me he talks shit on her that he just uses her for his mortgage payment because of his recent job loss. It is so hard to walk away and when I do walk away he starts acting like he is hurt but if he loved me he wouldn't be doing this to me and I am just in mental torturous hell trying to sleep or get him out of my head. Because of new chick around he is now wanting me to let him take our daughter for a night but it just hurts to sit and think of him trying to let some other girl play mommy then when she isn't around he is telling me he misses me and to come to his work or has me talk to his dad or his best friend of 15 years on the phone. Then saying he wants another baby with me and even thinking of names. It doesn't make sense. I feel like I need to leave this state with my daughter and change my number and live under someone elses name on a lease and forget about him. Having a daughter together kinda feels like It is even harder to close that door that is slowly killing me. Any advice of how you moved on from someone you deeply loved would be helpful. Save me from this hell!!!


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  • Omg!! Sorry on your situation
    Its pretty upsetting that there's a child involved which makes it harder for you!!
    I think in my opinion is
    Do NC with him he obviously doesn't want to lose you just try be happy and think less and occupy urself with other things... im in the middle of getting over a breakup its very hard but i relised he doesn want me in his life why dwell on HIS descions you no


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  • There is a deep involvement in your relationship. Time will be the best healer.


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