Should I break up with him? Help?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months and he is just so different than when I met him. (Btw I'm 17 almost 18 and he is 19) He used to hold doors open and we enjoyed the late night talks on his porch before I had to leave. Things were fine for a few months and then things started going bad. I started getting really annoyed of him. He got really clingy and he still won't give me much space. He has a mental illness that is just progressively getting worse. His mental illness along with my bipolar, school to focus on, and starting a new job is so much pressure. I don't know what to do and I need help. When I try to talk to him about my feelings about it he just gets really upset and starts crying and it makes me feel bad. I'm scared to break up with him because I know he will freak out and might get sent to the regional center. Help?
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  • You may have to break up.


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  • Wow... so many issues you both have... maybe wait until you grow up a little bit more and, since you're not extremely stable (psychologically) - bipolar, you should find someone who IS.
    This helps a lot.

    Wait for a few more years and find someone who will keep your grounded.


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  • Sounds like you're both too young and dealing with different things right now to even think about commiting to a serious relationship.

  • First of all, all of this is not your fault! I'm sure you've been a great girlfriend, he's just dealing with this illness - which must be quite hard and serious. You've said you tried to talk to him about it before? Try it again. And don't back out if he starts getting upset. Make your point clear. And if he still doesn't care or listen, then you have no other chance to back out of the relationship (unless you wanna go through the same things over and over again). Maybe you can offer him help, such as finding a psychiatrist or therapy together. But you can't do more than trying. And sometimes you have to let people go so they can learn from their mistakes and makes better choices in the future.


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