My boyfriend kissed another girl. I kissed another boy. I forgave him, he didn't forgive me?

So, my boyfriend kissed another girl at a party. He was really buzzed and I get it. That's no excuse. But he never told me, I had to find out on my own bc one of my close friends was also there. I forgave the kid because i feel myself loving him. I knew we could recover from it. I kissed another guy and I cannot be forgiven. He said its different bc "I flirted." Honestly, I fucked up I know I did. He says he's mad and hurt but more hurt than anything. I believe we can work this out, we didn't get this far to just let everything thrown at us tear us up.. He doesn't understand that I'd carry him world on my shoulder even when I'm just as hurt. I never meant to break his heart. He's such a great kid and treats me like the best girl ever. I love him.. I need to tell him but I don't want him to think I'm saying it just because I want him. I'm not that desperate. But I've never felt so deeply.


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  • U can't fix wron with another wrong

  • Just give me his email. i will place a link to this question to him. that might solve it.
    Regarding the whole kissing. He is wrong, even if he was drunk, you can't just go around and kiss people. Trust flies out the window if you act like this.
    On the other hand, you are just as guilty for kissing a dude as a revenge.
    If he cannot forgive you, then screw it. You asked for forgiveness and he does not want to work this out, when he also kissed that girl when drunk? Maybe he was just waiting for a good excuse to move one and found it. But you shouldn't blame yourself.

    • he tells me he wants to be with me, even when his friends are telling him to leave me alone for good. he thinks I don't care about him, he thinks he's not the only guy I want. I think I made him feel really insecure. But I talked in person with him, like the fact that he knows that he's tearing me apart by just playing with my mind. It's getting so overwhelming and I'm in s really painful spot right now.

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