Should I still see him?

My ex boyfriend of a year has asked me to go and watch a movie with him next week. I said yes and then somehow we also agreed on watching star wars vii together. Should I still go with him to the movies? We've been friends for 10 years and stopped talking frequently since we broke up.


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  • if you are into star wars then go
    u both have been friends for quite some time now so its nt a biggy

    • Im going to agree with this, you were friends for a long time why ruin that. Try and move forward, it might be easier if you bring someone along with you guys maybe another female friend.

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  • You said you would so you do so.


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  • Well, unless you're with somebody else, I would go.
    It's a hard read.
    He may be looking for a reconnect, or he may be just looking.


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