She said she has strong feelings for me and that I'm a keeper, but she is not read for dating right now?

She is a busy girl but not ready for a relationship.
I've been dating her for about two months and think we had something for sure.
The funny thing is that she said not to forget her and kind of let the option open of having something with me in the future.
Really hard to understand. She cried cried because she really likes me supposedly but she can continue until she find herself I it would damage this opportunity with me. Should I check with her in a few weeks? I don't wanna show desperation.


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  • Okay let me use my personal experience.

    She wants you to wait for her. Your choice is to either do it or not.

    And to the other user who said she doesn't want you. Some people do NOT like being stressed out. Good for you that you can do that but not all of us can.

    The waiting game is a bitch though. I am still in it and it really sucks so unless you really like her, you need to think your options through.

    I wish all the luck in the world.

    Oh and yes check with her in a few weeks.

    • So, here is what happened after:
      Articrussianfoxes was right. I contacted the girl that I was talking about, we went to get some hot cocoa then later she said that she has strong feelings for me and she wasn't lying about it. She said that she's not emotional ready. So she's in this predicament between her head and her heart. Should I insist or should I just let her go?
      We had a great night and great connection, but it supposed to be a goodbye instead. I'm so confused just like her.

    • Push but don't push too far.

      Oh fuck yes!! I was right!!! LIKE A BOSS!!!

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  • She is letting you down gently she is boosting your confidence by telling you that you are a keeper, but isn't interested in you romantically. Everyone is busy i have two kids study and a job and i still found time to see the man I was attracted to and he lived in a different city. If she felt romantically for you she would have made time for you.

  • She doesn't see you as you see her. Nothing romantically , sorry.
    I don't think you should check her, just let it go.

  • she loves you


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