Is my ex's interest in my new guy just normal curiosity?

I ended a relationship with my ex boyfriend a few months ago. We dated for a year and were friends before. The breakup was nasty and I think he was really hurt. After the break up he changed a lot and has been partying it up with a new crowd.
I tried to be civil but after a few times of him refusing to answer my texts I have up. He ignores me when he sees me.

A couple of months ago I met a new guy who I really like. We're not officially dating yet but have been texting a lot and spending time together. Our relationship has been becoming more public. In recent weeks during classes my ex has been staring at me like all the time and when my phone goes off he tries to look over and see who's texting me. When he found out about my new guy he was asking people about him, who he was, what kind of guy he was and if he really liked me. I don't get why he cares about my new guy. Is this just normal curiosity or does he still have feelings? Why would an ex act like this?
If he still has feelings, why has he not at least tried to be civil?


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  • Well clearly he still has unresolved feelings for you. He's probably very confliced, on the one hand being very angry at you for what happened, but at the same time still wanting to be with you. Because you never really talked things out or anything (which, of course, seems mostly to have been his own fault), it's very hard for him to make peace with how things are going.

    A part of him probably also feels you don't deserve to be happy (without him). That's not because he's an a-hole or anything, just a result of him having been unable to properly express his anger towards you.

    You can offer him another chance to talk if you like, or simply tell him to go mind his own business. Just realize that this is more the result of him (understandably) having difficulty dealing with his feelings than anything else. :P


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  • Sounds like his jealous.. Some other guy has got your attention and your ex just doesn't like the thought of it..


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  • he still has feelings... and directly or indirectly he is jealous of ur new one... he has a big problem with u spending time with the new guy...

  • He still has feelings


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