Whats going on? Does he want me back?

My sons father and I Split up last spring. It was a rocky messy split the main reason being he didn't want to stop drinking and or smoking weed. he's been pretty absent maybe seeing our son every few months.
He recently got a dui and now has to be sober by force. A couple of weeks ago he appologized he said for everything that i didn't deserve the way he treated me. So we've been keeping in touch and i update him on our son and he updates me on my step daughter.
This weekend, he started messaging me and sending me pictures of himself at his cousins wedding. I was taken aback because all the picture sharing has been of our kids.
I sent my congrats and mentioned he looked handsome in his suit and he filled me in on the wedding.
But it left me confused...
Is he interested? Or just feeling lonely there?
I had heard he was dating someone new where was she? Does she matter?
I thought this was the man I was to spend the rest of my life with and even though weve had all these problems I was willing to work things out but he was always unreceptive
Now this? Am I reading too much into it...
Any insight into the male brain would be appreciated




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  • I think you may be reading into it to much but you know him better than I do. Maybe bring it up to him that your still willing to work things out and try again if he is. How long has he been sober now?


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