She broke up with me but doesn't know why. I'm so confused help?

My ex gf & I were together for 6 months & for a while everything was so good we texted each other everyday if she didn't see for a while she would miss me. then about a month ago I made her mad because I asked her mom about an upcoming doctors appointment she was having & she saw the text & twisted my words & thought I was saying she needed to be fixed & that's not what I meant at all. she said a few days later that she & her mom had been talking & that I have a lot of confidence problems that they don't know think I can fix but she said she would give me a chance to & it all came down to me asking dumb I confident questions which I stopped doing & I thought everything had went back to normal after that & then a few days ago on our 6 month anniversary she was over & we were talking & joking around & then she said somthing that kinda sounded like she wanted to end it. I called her out on it & she said she was evaluating it & said that she really likes me but her & her mom were talking & just because I have stopped asking those un confident questions for a month that it doesn't mean I won't go back to doing & that she doesn't miss me anymore & if I ask her something or decided to show up a little early she gets mad & starts hateing me. She said when she is with me she likes me a lot but when she is away she forgets that. Then she said she doesn't know why she doesn't like me anymore & started saying it could be hormones or stress or not playing hard to get then she said maybe it was when she would stay over that I would toss & turn & wake her up in the middle of the night & then compared me to a dog she used to have that would do that & said after that she hated it. She kept saying through out the night that she really liked me & that I was great & these past 6 month have been amaizing & contradicting everything she was saying. I told her she was in her own head & that she needed to do what was best for her. She ended it but kept say I was great. I'm so confused help?
Is it my fault she broke up with me? It's been a month & i thought I was ready to move on but I guess not I woke up this morning really missing her & wanting her back! Please help?


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  • Yeah I agree she is confusing. She really doesn't know what she wants and why she broke up with u. One minute she tells u your great and the next opposite. I can see why there might be problems in the relationship cuz of your confidence issues but as long as your working at it, its fine. No one changes over night. Plus she's talking to her mom, which is an second opinion but can also make things confusing. It could be she broke up with you cuz maybe things went too fast between the two of u and then things just fizzled. It happens u can text all the the time, talk all the time, and be around each other everyday and then sometimes things just fizzle quickly. Also, its proably cuz your confidence issues cuz that can add some tension to a realtionship. I would try not to worry so much about it. Just reflect on what maybe u did wrong on ur part and learn from it, dont reflect so much that you get down on urself. Realtionships are a learning experience. When you reflect, just take what u learned from the realtionship such as that you need to work on having more confidence in yourself, so in the next realtionship it won't be an issue. ;)


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