How to break up gracefully when everything is fine?

I want to break up with a girl who I'm dating since October. The problem is everything is fine between us we had good times and lots of fun. I just can't see any future and think its better to break up gracefully.
How to do it?


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  • Just sit her down and be real. Say 'I know things are going great and all, but I'm almost ready to settle down and no offense, but I just don't see this relationship going anywhere. I can't see us getting married, etc so I think it'd be best for us to end it now before we get too far in the relationship as I'd hate to waste any of our time. I do apologize and hope there's no hard feelings..' The way I said it was kinda brutally honest but that's the way I am so there's no confusion. I have no time to sugar coat things, gives people false hope. Anyways, good luck! Lol

    • Thank you I think it would works except the "I'm almost ready to settle down" part. Just need to find a good time to tell her.

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    • Thanks for your help. You now right now I'm dating another girl too and find it would be better to break up with the first then focus on the new girl. But now it seems or its just my think that why don't handle both of them? or why not more than just one girl at a time?
      I'm confused right now.

    • So that's the real reason you want to break up? Because you found someone who may be more compatible? I probably wouldn't tell her that if you want no hard feelings lol. If you're not caring about trying to fall in love, eventually get married and all that right now I guess you can date them both (if these are open/uncommitted relationships) but if you do like the other one I wouldn't date both.

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  • Sounds like you're a self sabotage kind of guy.
    Don't feed her the "it's not your it's me" line.
    Let her know you're still prowling and aren't worth her time so she can move on and find a person who will value her.

    • No I'm not that kind of guy. I care about girl's emotions and because of this I want to do it gracefully.

  • Say just that.
    Say what you feel.

    • Straight way is always better.

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  • Why'd you hook up with her if you don't see yourself with her you moron? I'm sorry, I'm not usually mean on G@G but what you're trying to do is wrong. Do you think that relationships don't mean anything? You're breaking a girls heart with your immaturity. Why did you like her in the first place?
    I would advise not to break up gracefully because you "can't see your future with her" but instead look for a future.. with her. How can you make that possible? You've received a huge privilege, not many get to find a girl who hasn't caused them any problems for two months and you want to throw that away because you can't see straight?
    Honest question: what are you expecting to see in a girl that will make it a lasting relationship? Identifying your goal makes it easier to prevent mistakes. Try to figure out exactly what you need, and make sure that a) its a realistic expectation and b) its a lasting one. That way you can prevent these mistakes before they appear and that way you'll know if she's right for you or not.
    To answer your question on how to gracefully destroy a relationship- there is no way. When they are falling apart, you can gracefully put 'em to an end. But when there are no problems, and you are only trying to get rid of something good because of personal issues- there is absolutely no way to do that 'gracefully'. :(
    Well, good luck in whatever you decide to do. Hope it goes well for you, if you can, do not throw this good thing away.

    • First of all a thumb down for your offensive language.
      Now let me explain more. Its not about her its about me I can't see myself in a committed relationship right now I think its soon for me to think about settle down. I'm not looking for a girl to be my last relationship and spend the rest of my life with her right now. I think if we continue this relationship some unexpected things like emotions come and make it harder to break up in future. Also I'm not a jerk to play with girl's emotions and leave her heartbroken so I think is best thing to do to break up gracefully while everything is still working good.

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